Greetings Veterans and Fellow Patriots:

We have a proposal on the table for a venue location of American Falls Fairgrounds. It’s a decent proposal, but of course not without its issues. I believe we have a larger hurdle we need to scale before we commit as an organization to doing another Rally. Volunteers. I have yet to fill the positions on the board, including my XO. If I cannot get you to commit to helping, we will fail, I will fail as your CO. We cannot set up a rally with just 12 people, and frankly that’s about as many people who have been showing up to the meetings recently. I need volunteers to commit to a job if you want the rally to take place in 2023. However, if you believe the rally/rodeo has run its course, and we need to pursue other avenues to bring awareness to the populace; that is also a possibility.

The meeting on the 20th will decide this. Do we not have a rally? Do we have a 1-day event with just the rodeo and a concert? Do we have a 2-day event as we have had in the past? Do we accept the proposal of venue in another city, granted where this organization started 23 years ago?

If you believe stepping up means you have to do it alone; that is not correct. Those of us who are on the board will help. We all want this group to succeed. Take the job with baby steps. That is how I’m handling my position of CO. I ask a lot of questions and I have some awesome people to give me those answers.

The members who have been holding this organization up on their shoulders are burned out; at least that’s what they tell me when I ask them to take a role of responsibility. We need help. I need help. I want to see us succeed because as a veteran, the daughter of a veteran, the granddaughter of veterans and the great-granddaughter of veterans, it is a cause very dear to my heart.

This is a very tough message to read, but I hope each of you take it to heart, search your soul and come to the meeting on the 20th with an answer to the questions.

Thank you,

Yvonne “Eve” Aprato, Director
POW*MIA Awareness Rally Association – Pocatello

Upcoming Events:

January General Meeting
Friday, January 20th 7:00 pm
Liberty Hall
325 W Benton St. Pocatello

Retire with Respect
We are collecting worn or tattered US flags to retire in our Retire with Respect ceremony.
Please bring your worn and tattered US flags to any of our events.