Greetings Veterans and Patriots,

POW*MIA Awareness Association of Pocatello and Idaho State University to Dedicate Missing Man Chair

September 8, 2022

On Saturday, Sept. 17 the POW*MIA Awareness Association and Idaho State University will dedicate a Missing Man Chair inside  Holt Arena.

A POW/MIA Missing Man Chair is a physical symbol of the thousands of American Prisoners of War and Missing in Action service members still unaccounted for from all wars and conflicts involving the United States. Missing Man Chairs can be found across the United States, including in many stadiums throughout the country.

The dedication will take place during the pre-game ceremony at 12:30 p.m. before the scheduled ISU football game starts at 1 p.m. The football game starts at 1 pm. The Missing Man Chair ceremony will take place shortly after 12:30 pm. The chair dedication on September 17 will mark the first collegiate Missing Man Chair dedication in the state of Idaho.

The Missing Man Chair project was the initiative of the Pocatello Chapter of  POW*MIA Awareness Association. Members of the association approached George Casper, Director of Events for the Holt Arena and Stephen’s Performing Arts Center at ISU. With the support and approval of the President’s Office, planning soon began. ISU President Kevin Satterlee approved the donation of the space and chair inside Holt Arena. Steve Schaack and Caroline Lipka with ISU’s Athletic Department worked with the  Pocatello Chapter of POW*MIA Awareness Association to coordinate the event.

According to the Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency (DPAA), as of August 23, 2022, the total number of Idaho servicemembers unaccounted for is 360; this includes one service member from Pocatello and one service member from Grace.



It has been great being able to be a part of the leadership of this organization. I have enjoyed working with such a dedicated group of people and appreciate each and every one of you. Thank you for all you have done in making the POW*MIA Awareness Association so successful.

Now I would like to introduce you to the new Director (CO) for 2022-2023, Yvonne Aprato. Eve will be taking over and I know she will do a great job. Thank you, Eve, for stepping up. I wish her the best of luck! The official turnover will take place at the October General Meeting. Come and wish her luck for a successful year.

There are still Board Positions open for those that are interested.
The only requirement to apply are to have a willingness and availability to serve the Association in fulfilling its mission. We need people with the drive to carry this Association forward. We encourage anyone interested in a position to apply.
Here is the list of Board Positions that are open for new leadership! If you think you have good ideas to help move this Association forward, there has never been a better time to get involved.
Admin: Shannon Cowden

Marketing: Cami Chopski

Sales: (Open 2- year commitment)

Treasurer: Nicki Chopski

Entertainment: (Open 1-year commitment)

Runs & Events: (1-year commitment)

Facilities: (1-year commitment)

Special Liaison: (Open 1-year commitment)

Thank you,

Brandon Bennett, Director
POW*MIA Awareness Rally Association – Pocatello

Upcoming Events:

National POW/MIA Recognition Day/September General Meeting
September 16, 2022 will be proclaimed by the President as National POW/MIA Recognition Day. Across the country, local POW/MIA ceremonies are encouraged to focus on sustaining commitment to account for our missing.
Friday, September 16th 7pm at the Southeast Idaho Veteran’s Memorial, Ross Park
This is also considered our General Meeting for the month of September.

Idaho State University and POW*MIA Awareness Association Missing Man Chair Dedication
Saturday, September 17 at noon at the ISU Holt Arena
The chair will serve as a reminder to our veterans and their families that they are never forgotten.
This will be the first Missing Man Chair placed in a collegiate stadium in Idaho. Both the leadership of ISU and POW*MIA are super excited to a part of this dedication. Thank you, Nicki and Cami, for getting this started and Dawn for following through to the finish line.

Retire with Respect
We are collecting worn or tattered US flags to retire in our Retire with Respect ceremony.
Please bring your worn and tattered US flags to any of our events.