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Welcome Prospective Members!

Are you interested in joining POW*MIA Awareness Rally Corp.? Do you want to know what it takes? Listed below are the criteria for becoming a member.
If you want to be involved with the group, Click here to sign up for our email distribution list or send your e-mail address to our distribution (distro) list (distro@powmiarodeo.org) so you are aware of meetings and other activities. Candidates are encouraged to attend at least one meeting and one other event prior to seeking to join the organization. This is intended to ensure that the candidate has an understanding of the organization and its mission. It’s important that you keep your e-mail address current with the distro manager.

We have no dues. You must be willing to help with our annual awareness rally and other projects we have (year round) if you live in the area. Owning a motorcycle is NOT REQUIRED, but we do ride and all bikers are welcome (must be at least 650cc and road worthy).

You must read and understand our mission statement and support it to the best of your ability.

We ARE NOT a “Motorcycle Club”, we are a non-profit organization that supports our Veterans in any way we can. We do not claim to be anything but an association of Veterans and Patriots that like to ride, and work towards creating public awareness regarding the POW*MIA issue.

You do not have to live in Idaho. We expect that you will wear your patch proudly knowing what it stands for. You must remain aware of Veteran’s issues. You must be aware of the fight to recover all POW*MIAs. You must never dishonor the patch by improper behavior in public or by association while wearing the patch. You must actively support our cause through attendance at promoted events and meetings.

You must be sponsored by a current member in good standing who will stand up for you at our general meeting when you are “patched-in”. If you do not know a current member, please contact any member of the board of directors.

If you have a vest or jacket with the POW*MIA logo on it, please bring this to the general meeting. This will be part of your patch-in ceremony. The general meetings dates are posted on our website and are typically held at the Liberty Hall in Pocatello at 7pm on the third Friday of the month. However, you’re encouraged to monitor your e-mail for any distro changes/updates. Please arrive 10 -15 minutes prior to that meeting to prepare for the patch-in ceremony, which is held near the beginning of each meeting.

Please complete our application. This must be given to a board member for consideration at our board meeting held the Tuesday prior to the general meeting. A simple, confidential background check will be done on all applicants.

Thank you!!!

Print out the Application Here