Mini Bike Raffle $5/ticket

This fun little mini bike is fully functional. See this beauty and get your tickets at the meetings,

  • June 5th at Liberty Hall or
  • June 6th at the Community Fundraiser at Liberty Hall,
  • June 19th at Liberty Hall,
  • July 17th at Liberty Hall, at the
  • Awareness Rally July 24th-25th,
  • from any Board member or
  • buy them here!

Drawing will be held July 24-25, 2020 Bannock Co. Fairgrounds, Pocatello

The Hoodie pre-order deadline was March 22nd.  There will be a limited quantity of Hoodies available at the Rally!

20th Anniversary POW*MIA Awareness Rally Men’s Hoodie

20th Anniversary POW*MIA Awareness Rally Women’s Hoodie

You can still make a donation to the POW*MIA Awareness Association.